Most romantic home in London’ goes on sale for £2.95million

Most romantic home in London’ goes on sale for £2.95million

April 23, 2020 Off By enlivenlabs

While you’re cooped up in a cramped one-bed flat, some people are living out lockdown in luxury in dreamy (and massive) properties.

Self-isolation isn’t that tough when you’ve got a garden and plenty of pretty indoor space to wander around in. Just to make us all deeply envious and in the mood for eating the rich, let’s behold this fancy pants three-bedroom house in Chelsea, currently on sale for the bargain price of £2.95million.

Yes, friends. If you happen to have a couple million down the back of your sofa, you could buy this London property, move right in, and make banana bread in the comfort of this snazzy kitchen.


But you know what doesn’t cost millions? Imagination. So let’s all just look at the photos and pretend we live there. Cool? Cool.

So, this house. It’s got three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a giant reception room, a large kitchen, and a dining room, which opens out on to a patio garden. The kitchen has the benefit of a full-on pantry, so you could stock up on all the tins of beans you fancy, and a laundry room. The detached house, which has been designed to look like a Gothic castle, has been called ‘the most romantic building’ in London by designer Nicky Haslam thanks to its pointed arch windows and castellated roofline.


It was once owned by ballet and opera designer Sophie Fedorovitch, and on the front of the property is a plaque commemorating her life.


It was later inherited by Simon Fleet, who had a big presence in the world of theatre, art and dance as well as a colourful past as an actor, painter and sketch writer. He used the home as the setting for the hottest parties at the time, attended by all sorts of creative types including photographer Cecil Beaton, novelist Colin Wilson and French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy.


In his memoir Redeeming Features, designer Nick Haslam mentions the house, writing: ‘It was certainly the most romantic place I had seen… Simon had amassed the diverse elements in the Box with such insouciant skill, he brought people together with the same flair.